No Bullshit Payment Service

- where merchant is King!

No Chargebacks! No “Account Reviews”! No Bullshit!
When you get paid, you get paid. Period.

All businesses are accepted.
Anybody is welcome to use our payment system.
No restrictions on business type or location.

Accept Bitcoins in minutes – no technical knowledge needed:
  • 1. Register to create your user account
        No requirement to verify identity or fill out any merchant application
  • 2. Create Payment Link by specifying the amount of USD you wish to receive
        Your own, unique link were customers may sent Bitcoin to you

You may send your Payment Link to anybody or post it on your ad or social media post. Your customers will click that link and will be taken to payment page where they may pay via Bitcoin or other crypto currencies. Within seconds, we will notify you via SMS and email that you have received new payment. Once you receive our notification, the money is yours – you may render the service and/or ship the product(s). Customers do not have ability to "chargeback" or "reverse" these payments. Your money is stored in Bitcoin on your account – you may withdraw it anytime, as often as you like, as long as the amount you are withdrawing is more than minimum of $50 USD in Bitcoin.

There is only one fee: 3% on withdrawals.

Why use and not just ask customers to pay directly to me via Bitcoin?
The main reason is convenience. You do not need to mess around with complicated wallets, weird Bitcoin amounts and addresses, confirmations, exchange rates, etc. If fact, you don’t even need to know anything about Bitcoin to start receiving it.