How does work?

Our payment system is the easiest and fastest way to start accepting crypto currency payments on the Internet. In essence, people or businesses who wish to get paid in crypto for their goods or services join our website and create the Payment Link – a simple page where others could pay them. People who pay do not need to create account on our system – all they have to do is to send specified amount of crypto to specified crypto address. They may use any app, wallet or exchange for that. Within seconds after payment, the merchant is notified that payment was made: amount and payee name. After that crypto is stored in merchant’s account. Merchant may withdraw it any time as long as the amount of withdrawal is more than $50 USD. There is only one fee on our payment system and it is 3% on withdrawals.

We have no restrictions on type of businesses we accept or their location. However, per our terms of use, all of our users agree to abide by the laws of their locality.