Why use noBSpay.com and not just receive crypto directly from customers?

Reason number one is convenience. Example: let’s say you sell something for $100. You come to our website, create your account (which is a 1-minute process, no identification information needed), create your Payment Link (which will be something like www.noBSpay.com/1234) – that is it! Now you may just send this link to the customer or post it on your ad, website or social media page. When customers pay, you get exactly $100. You do not need to know anything about crypto, wallet addresses, exchange rates, etc.

Reason number two is anonymity. Unlike other crypto apps, exchanges and merchant services, we do not ask you to provide any of your personal or business info. Your privacy is protected.

Reason number three is because everybody is accepted as long what you are doing is legal where you are located. All of other merchant services and or apps may shut down your account and freeze your assets if your transactions are “suspicious” – not us! Adult and escort services are welcome.